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Here is a list of Pirates and dates active/died...
"Black Sam Bellamy", captain of the Whydah Gally, was lost in a storm off Cape Cod in 1717. Bellamy was popularly known as the "Robin Hood of pirates" and prided himself on his ideological justifications for piracy.
"Stede Bonnet", a rich Barbadian land owner turned pirate solely in search of adventure. Bonnet captained a 10-gun sloop, named the Revenge, and raided ships off the Virginia coast in 1717. He was caught and hanged in 1718.
"Henry Every", one of the few major pirate captains to retire with his loot without being arrested nor killed in battle. He is famous for capturing the fabulously wealthy Mogul ship Ganj-i-Sawai in 1694.
"William Fly", whose execution in 1726 is used by historian Marcus Rediker to mark the end of the Golden Age of Pirates. William "Captain" Kidd, executed for piracy at Execution Dock, London, in 1701, is famous for the "buried treasure" he supposedly left behind.
"Edward Low", born in Westminster, was active 1721-1724, was never captured, and was notorious for torturing his victims before killing them: he would cut off ears, lips, and noses.
"Henry Morgan", a buccaneer who raided the Spaniards and took Panama City before burning it to the ground. He was to be executed in England, but was instead knighted and made governor of Jamaica. He died a natural death in 1688.
"John (Calico Jack) Rackham", famous for his partnership with female pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read, was captured, then hanged and gibbeted outside Port Royal, Jamaica, in 1720.
"Bartholomew (Black Bart) Roberts", is considered by many to be the most successful Western pirate of all time with over 400 ship captures.
"Edward (Blackbeard) Teach" (Thatch), active from 1716 to 1718, is perhaps the most notorious pirate among English-speaking nations. Blackbeard's most famous ship was the Queen Anne's Revenge, named in response to the end of Queen Anne's War.[28] He was killed by one of Lieutenant Robert Maynard's crewmen in 1718.
"Charles Vane", a particularly violent and unrepentant pirate, who served under Henry Jennings before striking out on his own. Harsh and unpopular with his crew, Vane was marooned before being captured and hanged in 1721.

Pirate Women
"Anne Bonny" (1698-1782) developed a notorious reputation in Nassau. When she was unable to leave an earlier marriage, she eloped with her lover, Calico Jack Rackham.
"Mary Read" had been dressed as a boy all her life by her mother and had spent time in the British military. She came to the West Indies (Caribbean) after leaving her husband and joined Calico Jack's crew after he attacked a ship she had been aboard. She divulged her gender only to Rackham at first, but revealed herself openly when accused by Rackham of having an affair with Bonny.[29]
When their ship was attacked in 1720, Bonny, Read, and an unknown man were the only ones to defend it; the other crew members were too drunk to fight. In the end they were captured and arrested. After their capture, both women were convicted of piracy and sentenced to death, but they stalled their executions by claiming to be pregnant. Read died in jail months later, many believe of a fever or complications of childbirth. Bonny disappeared from historical documents, and no record of her execution nor a childbirth exist.[30]
"Ching Shih"
terrorised the China Seas during the Jiaqing Emperor period of the Qing dynasty, in the early nineteenth century. She commanded over 300 junks (traditional Chinese sailing ships) manned by 20,000 to 40,000 pirates. The fleet under her command established hegemony over many Chinese coastal villages, in some cases imposing formal taxes.

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